All of our products are formulated from All Natural Botanicals such as Blueberry, Cranberry, Strawberry, Acai Berry, Green Tea, Green Coffee, and Grape Seed. Botanicals offer both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They also have a high level of Vitamin C that acts like a anti-oxidant and helps stimulate the collagen fiber production within the dermis.


Desert Spirit products are high in fruit acids (alpha-hydroxy acids) which exfoliate and renew your skin. All skin types benefit from these remarkable effective fruit acids. They help smooth the skin and complexion and reverse some of the effects of UV damage. Pomegranate is an ancient fruit used for thousands of years medically, cosmetically and magically. They are highly anti-oxidant, dues to the deep red pigments in its pearl-like ruby seeds. Green Coffee extracts can improve energy, mental clarity, detoxification and weight loss. Green Tea reduces sun damage in photo aging caused by UVA and UVB radiation exposure.

Our All Natural Moisturizers have an abundance of Succulents such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Blue Agave along with Vitamins A, D & E. Aloe Vera gel has remarkable properties including healing, soothing, antibacterial, antiseptic, emollient, and moisturizing qualities. It also enhances cellular rejuvenation. Jojoba is commonly used for its amazing emollient and lubricating properties. It has anti-inflammatory, restorative, anti-wrinke and softening benefits. Blue Agave is an Indian traditional medicine, the nectar of this plant  is used externally to heal bruises and contusions. The Aztecs & Maya, very skilled in wound healing, used the agave sap, often with egg white, to bind in pastes and polices for wounds. An extract of the leaves lathers like soap.

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen
SPF 30+
Fragrance free
Desert Breeze

Fragrance with Coconut & Lime

some of our products...
Sedona Sunset

Fragrance with Honey Almond

Desert Rain Fragrance with Vanilla
Cactus Blossom Fragrance with Cucumber Melon

All Natural Products with a Native American Motif

No Silicones

Silicones can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions and may keep sebum, dirt and bacteria inside the skin,

No Lanolins 

Lanolin can cause allergic reactions and repel moisture from the surface of your skin. May cause Chronic Dermatitis. 

No Mineral Oils

Mineral Oils cannot be absorbed by the body and can seal the skin, clog pores, attract dirt, and pull essential minerals from the skin.

No Glycerins

Glycerin can draw moisture from the lower layer of your skin and hold it on the surface, which can dry your skin from the inside out.